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Author Guy Grundy gegen Ernie Taylor

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17.05.2004 06:37     Profil von ArnoldAnabo   ArnoldAnabo eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
Mister Australien Guy Grundy hat anscheinend die eine oder andere Meinungsverschiedenheit mit Englands Top Profi Ernie Taylor. Nun Guy will diese Art wie Maenner regeln, wie ers so schoen formuliert. Lest selbst : FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Guy Grundy P. O Box 1803 Venice, Ca 90294 Bodybuilding champion Mr. Australia Guy Grundy, has officially challenged English Champion and IFBB pro bodybuilder Ernie Taylor to a boxing match. The problem arose between the two, when Taylor informed numerous people that he was going to "kick Guy Grundy's ass when I see him" The threat stems from comments made by Grundy in his Musclemag column "Muscle Flashes" regarding Taylor's obvious use of site injections into his triceps and quads. Taylor made his threats last year when he was in Los Angeles preparing for the 2003 Olympia. Taylor took it upon himself to tell everyone except Grundy about his threats. When Grundy was informed of Taylor's comments, he immediately contacted him to discuss the problem like gentleman; unfortunately Ernie was not interested in resolving the situation like adults. Grundy stated "I contacted Ernie on three separate occasions to resolve the matter without resorting to violence. I informed Ernie that I was not looking for trouble, but I would not walk away from it if confronted. Ernie continually stated that we had nothing to discuss and that he would take care of me when he next seen me. On fighting Taylor Grundy commented "I never had a problem fighting the guy, but I have grown up and thought we could handle this situation like grown ups, Ernie reminds me of my self when I was a teenager. He needs to grow up! Ernie disrespected me in my own back yard, imagine how he would react if I went into his home town in England and started bad mouthing him to everyone. Ernie, you want a fight tough guy, you got it. Simply contact me and let's set this up. You have my contact information, use it! Then well see if your heart is as big as your mouth "A fight date is yet to be announced, the fight will be available via the Internet and available on DVD. For updates on the Grundy Challenge visit for all the latest breaking news of this highly anticipated event. For any questions on sponsorship or involvement please contact Guy Grundy at TEL: 888-4USAFIT (487-2348) or E-mail Guy Grundy Mr. Australia Das hat Guy noch bei Musclemayhem geschrieben : Please understand I simply stated that synthol and site injecting are bad for the sport in my column, and a form of cheating. I came out publicly stating that I ruined my body and bodybuilding career using Synthol and site injecting. I retired because of this, as I do not deserve to be called a bodybuilder with the shit in my arms and calves. I have had scar tissue surgically removed from my biceps when I had shoulder surgery last year, and again a couple of weeks ago. I was one of the biggest losers for participating in these practices. The doctor freaked out when he seen the crap in my arms. I will say this, if you stop site injecting and synthol, the lumps will decipate. "That's a big word meaning go away. The doctor told me that word by the way. I thought I would throw that in to look intelligent." I used my self as a prime example of someone that used synthol and site injecting in an interview for Musclemag. I don't think Bodybuilders being portrayed as sitting in front of the TV with a protein shake in one hand and syringe full of synthol or oil in the other a good way for the sport to be projected. I have had more than my share of people tell me I am STUPID, A LOSER and a FAKE for what I did, more times than I care to recall. But in saying that, those comments about me and my use of these elements were true. I made the comments about Ernie's obvious use as it is so clear what he does. If speaking my mind about a subject I know a lot about is wrong in your eyes, then I can live with that. All I did was bring attention to something that is making the sport look bad. If someone threatened you through other people as Ernie did to me, and then when you tried to handle the situation like a professional, and all you received in return where more threats, what would you do Mate! I did all I could to ease the tension between us. I contacted him three times and he continued the same talk. Everyday I walked into Gold's gym, I had someone tell me how I was supposedly dogging Ernie, or Ernie's coming for you man. My wife had to hear this crap! Think about that for a second. If hope you guys and ladies will check out issue 266 of Musclemag. I did an interview explaining my self. If Ernie had of contacted me in the first place, we could have worked this out another way. To the people that say I am making the sport look bad, firstly what is Ernie doing by looking the way he does. I respect Ernie, sticking crap in your tear drops has got to hurt, not even I went to that extent. Ernie's a real good role model for the sport running around threatening people behind there backs. Your a big man Ernie. I was at home recovering from shoulder surgery and Ernie decides it's a good time to talk the talk. What is better for the sport, Ernie and I in a street fight that will result in one of us being seriously hurt, or us taking our problems into the ring and people that want to see us take care of our business have the opportunity? Also, how many times have people questioned whether a bodybuilder can actually fight. At the end of this fight, we will all know the answer. I understand that you guys and ladies will take sides, I appreciate that and understand that. But please be aware I had no other option open to me. I could either let Ernie belittle me, or I could stand up to Ernie. I choose the second option I am sure Ernie will have no problem living up to his tough talk. Ernie has my information. All he has to do is contact me to set this up. I know Ernie comes here so I will leave my details again waiting to here from you Ernie? Gruß, Arnold

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18.05.2004 19:02     Profil von Rizzo23601   Rizzo23601 eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
Ernie mag noch so nett sein, ich finde Grundy hat recht, ich finds einfach lächerlich wenn jemand mit offensichtlichem syntholmissbrauch auf einer bb-bühne steht.

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18.05.2004 19:26     Profil von ben187   ben187 eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
[quote:44080db12b="Rizzo23601"]Ernie mag noch so nett sein, ich finde Grundy hat recht, ich finds einfach lächerlich wenn jemand mit offensichtlichem syntholmissbrauch auf einer bb-bühne steht.[/quote:44080db12b] sehe ich genauso,sieht einfach nur lächerlich aus,hätte er diese synthol trizepse nicht würde er sicherlich besser bewertet werden,da er ansonsten einen richtig guten body hat

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21.05.2004 20:09     Profil von Hava   Hava eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
[schild=11 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]Keep up the good work[/schild] Ich finde es Klasse das Guy kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt und wirklich sagt wie's ist.

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21.05.2004 20:13     Profil von Harper   Harper eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
BBler die :sympath: :sympath: wollen ( oje oje )

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21.05.2004 20:49     Profil von .-Muskelwahn-.   .-Muskelwahn-. eine Nachricht schreiben     Beitrag editieren/löschen
@leute die sich auskennen. [b:36c06ed4dc]XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX[/b:36c06ed4dc].(hoffe das ich das hier fragen darf, wenn net einfach löschen dann frag ichs in arnolds synthol thread) gruss basti [b:36c06ed4dc]Edit:Tu das besser mfg. DSG[/b:36c06ed4dc]

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