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Author Interview mit Melvin / NOC Sieger

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aus 'nem amerikanischen Forum... ;) [quote:a5ad273c27]Congratulations once again on your win. What was going through your mind when you were standing on the stage and you heard your name announce as the winner? Actually when they did top five, I kind of felt I had a pretty good chance of winning based on all of the call outs, keeping track of what happened during the day, paying attention to details and watching the competitors through out the show. But also, at the same time, I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched. When they announced fifth place, I was thinking “Well, I made the top four so far”. Then they announced top three, and I was thinking the same thing. But right after that, I had a strong feeling that I was going to pull this one off. I was just extremely excited about it. I worked really hard for this one. What does this mean to you being your first win as a pro? Basically I feel that I got a system that works for my physique and overall package. I have good backing with Pano as my trainer and nutritionist and Chad Nicholls on my team. Having a team like that, the sky is the limit. I just have to put the work in and have faith in God and just let things fall where they may. What did you do differently if anything this time around? For the past year, I have been eating more in the off season but paying attention to the type of foods I was taking in. I was trying not to get too heavy. I only got up to 267 lbs this time around. I usually go a bit higher in weight, about 274 lbs or so, but it wasn’t a good 274 lbs. My main thing was to try and get as big as possible while staying as lean as possible. I ate carbs, but they were clean carbs. I cut out junk food for the most part as well. Out of 7 meals, 6 of them would be clean meals. Right after prejudging, King Kamali came onto the boards and told us all the show was yours. He also said that he nearly lost his voice cheering you on. Did you hear King trying to fire you up when you were onstage? That was very cool of him. I actually heard him and others too, but he was very vocal and that was very cool of him. He saw that I had too much oil on so he was telling me to wipe some off, but then I didn’t have enough on. So then he called someone backstage to get them to tell me I needed more, so then I put a bit more on, which made a big difference. So that was a big help to me. I appreciated that from him. What’s next on your agenda? Next thing is the Hungary show on June 5th. I am going to try and stay tight and zone in and show Europe what I got. Basically, lay it all out there. I’m a gladiator. I’m just going to let things fall where they will and get in there. It’s nice to get the call outs with some of the guys that are at the top of the game. I’ve competed in the Night of Champions in New York twice now. Going and winning a show like this one means a lot. We all get overlooked at some point. I’ve been overlooked, Flex was overlooked, Jay was, we all have at one point. I am not saying people don’t have a right to complain, but for me, there are times you just have to tell yourself you will improve and eventually get there. I just stepped back and figured out what I needed to do to get better. Everyone has their own opinion, so I use that energy and try to improve from it. Win or lose, someone will always have something to say. No matter what, I can only control what I look like and not how anyone else looks like. As long as I am ready for battle, I’m comfortable with myself. Anything else you would like to say? Yeah, I really want to thank Muscle Mayhem members for their support. It was cool to have support from the fans. They are real with their critique and their advice. Some of the other sites were pretty harsh which is cool, I don’t expect to have my butt kissed, but at the same time, some are not realist and don’t know how hard it really is. All the competitors worked so hard, and put in so much work, and it’s disappointing when you don’t place where you feel you deserve to place. But all we can do as athletes is get ready, diet, and train. The rest is up to the judges. I’m glad for the opportunity and all and this fires me up for the next show. Thanks Melvin. We'll be talking to you soon![/quote:a5ad273c27]

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Guckst Du hier... ;) Trotzdem Danke für das tolle Bild!!! :daumen:

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:d_up: Super. Definition siegt über Masse. Congratulations Melvin!!! Keep up the good work. Greez

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